Why Ecuador?

The UN General Assembly voted 137-12 (with 17 abstentions) in support of an Arab League-backed resolution to boot out Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. So why was Ecuador one of the 12 countries that said no?

Photo: Associated Press via CBC

According to this Canadian Press article UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon said:

“We see neighbourhoods shelled indiscriminately, hospitals used as torture centres, children as young as 10 years old chained and abused,” he said. “We see almost a certain crime against humanity.”

This morning a friend asked me on Facebook why the heck Ecuador said no.

The other countries voted against the resolution include Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua – all part of the left-leaning Latin American block, and also all members of ALBAthe Boliviarian Alliance for the Americas, (ALBA its acronym in Spanish).

ALBA is all about pushing for social, political, and economic integration in Latin America and the Carribbean. And they voted as a block at the UN general assembly.

Here’s part of the answer my friend wanted this morning: check out ALBA’s communique on the controversial resolution where they explain their support for “the policy of reforms and national dialogue led by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.”

Thanks to Tyler Moorhead for getting the discussion going on Facebook.